The multi-dimensional thinking of our development and engineering department

Our engineering department has been working on injection moulding technology for 40 years. During the development in this demanding sector, it solved challenges large and small, in very different situations and environments. It is against this background that the solid expertise within our company was developed.

At the same time, we have built up a comprehensive network of major plastic producers, injection moulding machine manufacturers and automation technology specialists. This means that we have access to the latest technologies and achievements in the field.

The passion that our development and engineering team has for injection moulding is particularly evident in its strong drive for innovation. This results in high-quality products and smart and efficient solutions that give our injection moulds their uniqueness.

Our team offers feasibility studies, proposals for item optimisation, thermal and rheological simulations, FMEA and DQ – with the aim of maximising the output of the mould.

Continuity of the technical data flow through to the processing machine (Siemens NX) is guaranteed. Correct control of the product data and processes is ensured by the Teamcenter PLM software.

Focused project management – the key to short reaction times

Most inquiries these days are time critical. We offer rapid service driven by our high internal vertical integration, flat structures and ongoing dialogue between our teams.

Our project managers have an up-to-date overview of planning, production and final mould acceptance at all times. All project participants are aware of the state of production at all times and across all disciplines.

On this basis, the various work steps in development, tool design, toolmaking and quality assurance are finely coordinated in close collaboration with our customers.

Production: robot-assisted production supplements traditional craftsmanship

We regard the physical quality of our tools as part of our corporate DNA. With each of our products, we not only create highly customised solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers through their application of smart technologies. We offer much more than this – because the manufacturing quality we achieve also offers benefits that pay off over the long term.

In production, we supplement our classic mechanical craftsmanship with the advantages of modern, robot-assisted production. Our specialised machinery with its integrated in-house additions achieves a high level of productivity – partly because our robots take over the night shift. Our staff members are experienced specialists who create technical innovations that are applied in our products or across the whole company.

Outstanding mould and process validation

Before starting each project, we will determine the scope of the validation requirements together with you. It is important to define processes and parameters that will reliably lead to the required results. Good documentation that can be duplicated ensures the long-term functionality and economic efficiency of the entire system.

In order to adapt a mould to the production environment, we can install your injection moulding machinery in our in-house technical centre on request. This allows us to optimise the production process before mass production begins under real conditions. If required, we can then provide commissioning of the system at your location, including training for your employees.

For testing in our facilities, we have machinery available with clamp forces of between 100 and 240 tons.

Our services include:
• Functional tests and dry runs
• Process evaluation/DOE
• Metrology
• Documentation
• On-site training and commissioning

Servicing – including third-party moulds

Our tools are all designed for very long service life. However, after millions of cycles, work can leave its mark, even on the most sophisticated mould. To significantly extend the lifetime of our moulds – and above all to prevent unplanned production downtime – we offer comprehensive servicing. This servicing also includes maintenance of moulds supplied by third parties.

We provide rapid delivery of ready-to-install components and can also review and repair your tools on site. You can consider us as your insurance against production stoppages:

  • Servicing of spare parts over the entire service life
  • Guaranteed refurbishment during overhauls
  • Standard components available and in stock
before overhaul
after overhaul