Our Innovation: Competence in large numbers of moulded parts.

Your production goals drive our innovation

In-house developments in injection moulding technology are part of our unique offering. With solutions for a wide range of requirements, we meet the need for high component quality, uninterrupted production steps and high reliability across the entire life cycle of the products.

In order to test performance prior to the build of a production mould – especially in the construction of complex shapes – we use in-house pilot moulds in the design phase. This enables us to carry out practical tests with our full hot runner systems so we can gain a realistic picture of the project feasibility and prevent any surprises during later stages.

KEBO solutions for high-performance tools in the medical/pharmaceutical and laboratory industry

KEBO pilot moulds – inserts and material tests

So that we can respond promptly to customer requests, material tests, further developments and rapid sample production requirements, KEBO AG uses four in-house sample moulds. These are KEBO’s own full hot runner systems, two of which have side gating. All systems can be modularly equipped from 2 to 16 cavities.

As well as the MultiTip end gating system, the MultiValve and the latest EcoTip, and star nozzle radial side gate systems are also available. Using this concept, very wide product ranges can be covered within a very short time. As only inserts need to be manufactured in existing mould bases, the total project time frame is reduced to a minimum. Our new needle valve system will be joining this range.

Material tests, design optimisation, gate quality, functionality of assembly parts, dimensional accuracy, steel dimensions for subsequent production moulds and the shortening of validation phases represent a crucial cost advantage for our customers.

EcoTip radial side gating

In today’s market environment, we are seeing new products and changes to customer requirements at ever-shorter intervals. KEBO AG has over 40 years of experience in producing its own hot runner systems. In order to respond to this fast-paced market in a timely manner, the company has also designed specific moulds to test new developments thoroughly before they are launched onto the market.

The latest development is EcoTip – the optimised radial side gate KEBO full hot runner system – which features excellent thermal heat distribution, modular design (2 to 8 cavities per cluster) and a wide range of possible applications for the plastic materials processed (PC, POM, ABS, PA, PMMA, PBT).

In-house processes for hot runner technologies

KEBO AG has been developing its own hot runner technology and installing it in tools as standard since 1980. Due to the high degree of vertical integration within the company and the consistent standardisation, spare parts and interchangeable components can be delivered very rapidly.

Each KEBO hot runner is subjected to a strict testing process in our in-house technical centre. Our technicians individually calculate and optimise each design to the necessary requirements.

We also have our own needle valve system as well as the side and end gate solutions. Of course, cold and partial hot runner systems are also available as alternative solutions.


Do you need performance in your production process? Enter in a discussion with us – it is our daily business to combine performance with quality!

Our stack mould technology multiplies the benefits

Stack mould technology can significantly increase production capacity, even in confined spaces. We have decades of experience in very different environments.

Our in-house developed drive solution, with its a compact design and standardised components, enables fast and cost-effective solutions for technically challenging customer requirements.

We consult with our customers to provide individual solutions to meet their specific needs.