Designed with the precision of a Swiss watch

Drawing on our extensive experience, we can design the right injection mould for every imaginable application. However, there has been a natural process of specialisation in our corporate and technological development. We have gained high-quality expertise in the following fields:

Medical products
Uncompromising accuracy, high surface quality and no loose particles at the gate point – these are key requirements for products used in direct contact with the human body.

Pharma products
Technically demanding precision, complex closures, intricate part shapes and functionalities, a very high level of purity and specific surface requirements in the final product – our tools fulfil the norms and standards for the pharmaceutical and laboratory sector.

Thin-wall applications
Precision centering down to the last detail is essential when manufacturing products with the thinnest walls. Our high-performance injection moulds are superior to all other moulding technologies when it comes to flow path wall thickness ratios on the edge of capability.

Learn more about our three most important applications

MEDICAL: Know how in the sophisticated design of medical products. >

PHARMA/LABOR: High-Performance for Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Devices. >

THINWALL / IML: Balanced fill of the cavities, thinnest wall sections and high output. >