Our Quality policy

An understanding of quality that incorporates all factors

By participating in the global market, we meet current challenges head-on. At first glance, it may seem that Swiss companies would be disadvantaged in this challenging environment.

Experience with our international customers proves the opposite: The extreme precision of our work and the technological developments at our company lead to real economic advantages. The high number of cavities and our specially developed hot runner technologies, which we are continually developing, result in extremely high throughput – with remarkably good quality in the surface and structure of the plastic parts.

This is beneficial on multiple levels. The high precision and quality of the surface finish mean that any wear on the tool is slower, which significantly supports longevity. In addition, in the packaging sector we can achieve ultrathin walls due to the extreme accuracy of the tools. This saves a significant amount of plastic – making a genuine contribution in terms of environmental responsibility.


Our Quality Management System applies to all our company's processes, including the CE identification of our injection moulds. KEBO is certified to comply with ISO 9001:2015.


We are convinced of Switzerland being the ideal location for us. Professionally competent employees and young persons keen on learning can only be found thanks to the unique Swiss education system.

KEBO uses all resources carefully and applies renewable energies whenever possible. Economic efficiency and sustainability play decisive roles in handling materials. So does procurement, because KEBO attaches importance to the entire energy balance.
KEBO achieved the Bronze Status of Ecovadis in the assessment of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which focuses on the company's efforts in the areas of environment, industrial law and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of KEBO AG was defined by our Management already in 1996. Ever since, the company has undertaken to apply the Quality Management System without compromise according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and to improve it steadily. Our Quality Policy outlines our quality objectives and we check it regularly for its suitability and appropriateness.

To us, quality means not only the quality of the injection moulds, but the quality of each individual process step. Our aim is to understand all requirements of our customers so that we can offer them fitting, top-quality solutions. Our products must support our customers in achieving success in the market.

Processes and improvement
Our processes serve to fulfil the expectations of our customers. We improve them regularly to meet this objective. The improvements are initiated by our employees, by audits or inputs from outside

Customer satisfaction
The satisfaction of our customers is one of our central entrepreneurial interests. We measure it at regular intervals. We strive constantly to enhance the product quality, the reliability of deliveries and our service capabilities to further increase customer satisfaction. Feedback from our customers is an important input for us to improve.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. They are recruited on the basis of their professional and personal qualifications and receive further training all the time. We encourage the own initiative and self-responsibility at every level of the hierarchy and involve our workers actively in our improvement and process design projects.

We select our partners from strong suppliers who share our understanding of quality without looking for a short-term profit maximization. Intensive care by us supports our suppliers in their development so that they, too, participate in our engagement for a steady improvement of our processes.

Environment and safety
We assume social responsibility for both environment and society by avoiding hazards for humans and surroundings. We reduce environmental strains and save resources by constantly improving our processes and products.